Marc Danzeisen


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Major Label Releases
1985 Francis X and the Bushmen, Soul Incest - drums
1985 Touch, Rocky IV soundtrack, MGM/Scotty Brothers Records - drums
1994 Gilby Clarke, Pawnshop Guitars, Virgin Records - drums, backing vocals, percussion
1994 Greg Chaisson, It’s About Time, Graceland Records - percussion, backing vocals
1995 Gilby Clarke, Blooze EP, Virgin Japan - drums, backing vocals
1997 Die Happy, Frontline Records - percussion
2001 Michelle Bradford Jones Warner Brothers Australia - drums
2006 Def Leppard, Yeah bonus CD, Island / Universal Music Group - drums, harmony vocals
2007 Suzie McNeil, Broken and Beautiful, Universal Canada - drums

2007 Katherine Mcphee-Drums, one song.
2008 Def Leppard, Songs from the Sparkle Lounge-backing-harmony vocals
2008 Gentlemans Blues Club. Volume 3-drums
2011 Riverdogs, World Gone Mad, Melodic Rock Records - drums, production,writer,backing vocals
2017 Riverdogs, California. Frontiers Records/Music SRL-drums,backing vocals,percussion,writer

Independent/Digital releases
1996 Powerslide, Peel, PSM Records - drums, vocals, guitars, bass
1999 Bijou Phillips, Almo Music - drums, drum loops
2000 Derek Spent, Walking Dichotomy - drums
2001 Little Friend, Living Room Records - drums, guitar, bass
2006 Brewer & Chase - drums, bass, electric guitar
2006 Kellie Rucker, Ain’t Hit Bottom- drums
2006 Four Star Mary, Hello It’s Me, MSG Records - drums
2006 Roxie77, peace, love, and Armageddon - harmony, backing vocals
2010 Big Mick and the Curl, Not Of This Surf - drums
2014 Big Mick and the Curl, High Plains Surfer-drums
2016 Big Mick and the Curl, Paddle Out-drums

2018 Beauty In Chaos, Finding Beauty in Chaos-drums-backing vocals

Solo/Independent albums
1996 Powerslide, Peel, PSM Records - guitar, bass, drums, vocals, production/Mix

2004 70’s Super Bush “Radio Comb Over” drums/backing vox/production/Mix
2008 Marc Danzeisen “Absorbent”, PSM Records - all instruments, production/Mix
2010 Marc Danzeisen “Released”, PSM Records - all instruments, production/Mix

2018 Marc Danzeisen, single release ‘Medicated’ PSM Records. All instruments/Prod/Mix


Production/mixing/Indie and Major label
1996 Powerslide, Peel, PSM Records
1997 Revolux
1999 My Sister Amazing
2000 Moaning Lisa, Wonderful, Veronica Records
2000 Mass Confusion
2003 Appleseed, Forever And A Day
2006 Brewer & Chase
2008 Desecrate
2011 Riverdogs, World Gone Mad (one of four producers)
2011 Che Zuro

2011 Stefano Langone (American Idol 7th place 10th season)

2011 Justin Guarini (American Idol runner up 1st season)
2012 Frankie Bourne ‘Califoricana’
2013 Manchester Social Club
2014 Labor Camp
2014 Rocking Scoundrels

1994 The Brady Bunch Movie, Paramount Pictures - drums in Davy Jones’ band
1994 The Brady Bunch Movie, Soundtrack album-backing vocals
1994-96 Mad About You, Paramount Television - drums on soundtrack
1994 Towner Mini Vans Korean commercial - composer/producer
1995 Clueless, Paramount Pictures - drums on soundtrack
1995 Countdown Clothing Korean commercial - composer/producer
1999 CBS Television Los Angeles - movie of the week composer
2000 Don't Forget Your Toothbrush, Comedy Central/ Buena Vista 23 episodes - drums in show band
2005-06 ADS Post Los Angeles - movie trailer composer
2007 Elektrofilms Post Burbank - movie trailer composer

2018 Stranger Things (Writer-producer. Artist, Lip Service)

Music Videos

Riverdogs. "American Dream" - Frontiers Records/Music SRL 2017
Riverdogs, "Toy Soldier" - Epic Associated - Sony Music 1990
Little Caesar, "Stand Up" - Geffen Records 1992
Gilby Clarke, "Cure Me or Kill Me," "Tijuana Jail," "Johanna's Chopper" - Virgin Records 1994
Starcastic. “Bad Bad Son” Indie release video 2015
Starcastic. “Break All The Rules” Indie release video 2016

1982 The Flames, Southern California – several shows
1983-84 Ashes, Southern California – one year
1985 Francis X and the Bushmen, EMI/FM Revolver Records Tour – one year
1987 Bulletboys, Southern California shows – six months
1990 Riverdogs, Epic Associated/Sony Records Tour – eight months
1992 Little Caesar, Geffen Records “Influence” tour – six months
1995 Gilby Clarke, Pawnshop Guitars, Virgin Records. World tour – one year
1996-96 House Of Blues Band Foundation's band for education of the blues
1998-2001 Rondor Music Publishing House, drummer for artist sessions
2000 Agent Orange, Southern California – several shows
2004 Riverdogs, Southern California - four reunion shows

2017 Riverdogs, Agora CA. San Jose CA. Two reunion shows